IDCC's flagship program is a six-week online experiential learning course that helps leaders from across all sectors of civil society learn to use social media for real-world impact. The program teaches individuals how to engage with online culture in healthy ways, build productive online communities, and facilitate productive conversations in digital spaces that are essential for a democratic society. Housed at the University of Southern California's Center for Religion and Civic Culture.

Our six-week program takes place twice a year. To be notified when applications for each cohort open, sign up for the IDCC newsletter.

The Center for Religion and Civic Culture is committed to fostering a healthy civic culture around issues of religion, identity and democracy in traditional and online platforms. IDCC is part of CRCC’s work on understanding and fostering digital civic culture in the US and around the globe


Onsite Trainings and Workshops

IDCC works with communities, organizations and individual leaders to provide training, resources and tools for more effective online engagement.

Onsite Workshops

Full and half-day workshops based on the IDCC theory of change and three core competencies, tailored to the specific needs of each group help every member of your team define and own their online leadreship role.


Topical 1-hour webinars provide short, inspirational learning opportunities for organizations and communities that are looking for specific tools to support their work online.


Extended training opportunities for individuals, communities and organizations provide the most personalized and in-depth learning experience in mastering online leadership competencies and connecting these skills to offline impact.